Learn to Sing Classes

New Classes Starting Tuesday 10th of January.
First session is FREE.

WHEN – Tuesdays term time
WHERE – Fine Voice Academy
TIME – Starting from 4pm
AGES – 7 to 17

Learn to sing and perform while working towards a music grading in Contemporary or Musical Theatre singing!

Why learn in a class rather than one to one?

Some children find it difficult to sing out on their own in the beginning and prefer singing along with others, and some just prefer working in a group!

Fine Voice Academy “Learn to Sing” classes are designed to teach foundation level singing to children whilst they are having fun. As they play, work and learn they are increasing their confidence levels to perform solo and constantly moving towards taking their singing grades.

Grading takes place at least once a year with a visiting board examiner here locally at Fine Voice Academy. Classes last one hour.

During or classes we are going to….

Learn to sing with others
Learn some scales
Learn how to warm up
Learn how to use the voice safely
Learn how to sing a phrase Learn how to breathe
Learn to sing solo

How are we going to do this?
We are going to have regular activities that give us the opportunity to sing in the correct way and have fun.

Group Singing
Singing together is fun and expands our mental abilities! We learn to listen, think, watch and build on our concentration. Performing with others and singing in a chorus or as part of a small group helps us gain confidence.

Voice exercises
Voice exercises are essential and need to be done ☹ but can be fun too and that’s how we plan to do them. ☺

Breathing exercises
Breath control is the most important aspect of any type of singing and a good grounding in how to breathe is the cornerstone of any good training. You will be amazed at the difference proper breath control can make to your voice.

Sing Solo
Singing a solo is a big step. You will get the opportunity to learn a piece of music of your choice with the option to sing it solo in public. It’s up to you!

Recording Studio Session
This is will be cool, and a high tech experience. Fine Voice Academy has an excellent recording studio, and we will record the pieces you have learnt in a recording studio environment. You can then burn your own CD as a Birthday or Christmas Present.

As well as these key activities you will also learn how to:
Sing a phrase and express feeling
Sing correct vowels
Articulate words
Gain confidence in your voice to progress to Intermediate lessons.